Mai Tai is world’s most expensive cocktail

Those in the know of their brews would surely be interested in news about the best and most expensive concoctions out there in the world today. When it comes to cocktails, the world’s most expensive one is christened the Mai Tai (Tahitian for “out of this world”) and served at Belfast’s The Merchant Hotel. The exquisite cocktail has already been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records last year for being the world’s most expensive cocktail selling at $1300 per glass. The Tai Mai is made with the same ingredients as the original, first poured in 1944 at Trader Vic’s, a restaurant and bar in Oakland. Made from the very rare limited production 17-year-old J. Wray & Nephew Jamaican rum, Mai Tai’s popularity has caused a shortage in this exclusive rum. But the shortage has not caused the folks over at Merchant hotel to replace this precious ingredient, which is responsible for the exceptional taste and price of the cocktail.

What is more, Merchant hotel is the exclusive bar in the world that has the capacity to make the original authentic article. As no other establishment has the required limited edition bottle of the rum.
However, you can forget about tasting this cocktail as only one shot of the rum remains in the bottle, which is not for sale. The last person to sip this tantalizing cocktail was a certain Mr. Ronald Mancini, a doctor from Los Angeles who had this drink about 6 months ago.

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