Marc Newson designs bathroom collection for Caroma

Marc Newson is one of the most well known design names in not just Australia but the world, he has designed 1960’s Mini yachts, First Class Lounges, Jewelry and a Champagne Cooler. He has collaborated with everyone from Dom Perignon to Boucheron. His latest collaboration is with Caroma; he has created a 22 piece collection for the famous bathroom brand. The collection is minimalistic, with orange detailing that adds a pop of color and modernism to it. The 22-piece collection features a freestanding bath with black feet that harks back to vintage tubs. Also featured in the collection are an island bath and two different kinds of toilets. Of the four basins, two have an integrated shelf on one side, making it both convenient and stylish. The orange detailing can be seen on the fixed shower and hand shower designs.

A selection of chrome taps finishes up this minimalistic collection for Caroma.


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