Mariah Carey endorses a £290,000 champagne packed in diamond-studded leather case

Anyone who though that Mariah Carey was history, well does seem like it completely. After being in the news for bidding for MJ’s furniture, and being lavished with gifts, she has decided to make a fortune instead of spending one for now. And for that she will be pitching with all her might to endorse an opulent new champagne brand called Angel. And that’s not where the buck stops for the 40-year old diva, she is also said to have invested in the company! A non-vintage bottle of Angel will come to around $1,010 while a numbered large bottle of a 12-year-old vintage brut version which is tastefully packed in a diamond-studded leather case would cost about £290,000. Each of the 24 platinum finish bottles is to be individually numbered, with solid platinum label, hallmarking and mounted diamonds and diamond-encrusted screw heads.

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