Max Blank Berlin Rotating Wood Stove for $9,000

Winters are loomng ahead….not too soon but a couple of months away. However we can start gearing up for chilly days. This season heat your home with Max Blank Berlin. It is a modern stove that can take center stage in the room of your choice. The standard unit even rotates 360 degrees, so you can turn it just so for the perfect view from anywhere. Three glass shelves atop the stove even add storage space for your objets d’art. What’s unique about this is that it is not designed to be tucked into a corner or placed against a wall like other traditional stoves.

With a steel base and glass door to contain the fire, this is ideal for lofts, fireplace room dividers, or a middle of the room centerpiece. It’s a fresh change but not that exceptional to let go of about $9,000(7370 €).