Maybach Champagne Set In Sterling Silver

Apart from cars and watches, Maybach also bestows a luxurious style to sipping champagnes. The celebrated name Maybach contains a sense of both homage and duty. The luxury of this limousine is further increased by the contribution of the German silver company, Robbe & Berking, which has created a unique champagne set for exclusive use in this luxury car. This champagne set is made for Maybach by the German silverware company Robbe & Berking. The set comprises of an ice bucket, a set of two tumblers and a set of two champagne flutes. All items are made of .925 sterling silver.

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The tumblers and flutes are designed to fit into special holders at the back of Maybach cars. The striking “M” emblem is steeped in tradition and is discreetly marked into the side.