ME! Bath offers world’s most expensive bath starting at $50,000

If you drive the world’s most expensive car and use only the world’s most expensive gadgets then it is only right that you treat yourself to the world’s most expensive bath as well. Offering this luxurious experience to a lucky few, who can afford to shell out the required dough, is the ME! Bath company. The expensive, or rather world’s most expensive bath is christened “The Eighth Continent” with the price starting at $50,000. This luxurious bath begins with water that is a combination of glacier water and Hawaiian deep-sea water. This exclusive combination of water gets even more exquisite and luxurious as ingredients like Arabian Sidr Honey, Peruvian Pink Salt, Illipe Butter from Borneo, Murumuru Butter from the Amazon, Kokum Butter from India, Israeli Jojoba Oil, and 24-karat gold are added to it to give you an experience like never before.

What is more, a large portion of the proceeds from each sale of The Eighth Continent will be donated to a selected charity that helps to provide clean water to disadvantaged third world countries. Just soak yourself in this expensive bath and let the ingredients pamper you like never before. A bath so luxurious, even Cleopatra would be envious.
The bath will be delivered in a beautifully handcrafted Sterling Silver, diamond encrusted masterpiece that is uniquely designed by the finest silver craftsmen from Israel. The final price will vary depending upon the client’s choice of location i.e. whether the clients would like to have the bath in their home or in a spa.

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