Megachurch pastor from Texas lands in trouble after buying a $200k Lamborghini SUV for his wife

Considering a pastor’s job is to serve the greater good of God and people, you’d hardly expect one to own riches and flaunt them around. However, proving that a god’s man can be wealthy and boastfully so is a Houston-based pastor who recently gifted his wife a $200 Lamborghini Urus on the couple’s 8th wedding anniversary.

Named John Gray, the pastor has been heavily trolled for his Instagram video that shows his wife’s a surprised reaction to the expensive gift. In the short clip, Gray can also be heard saying, “You light my fire, let this Lamborghini light your fire, baby.” Within seconds of being uploaded, the video went viral with social media patrons critiquing Gray for his flamboyant and rather boisterous lifestyle. Taken aback by the backlash, Gray took to a live story on Facebook wherein he stated: “All my life I’ve had dreams. Everybody should have dreams, things that they fight for. See, cause here’s what I know: Life does not promise. You can be here today and be gone tonight. The reason why my wife and I wanted to have an eight-year wedding celebration is that I needed a new beginning. Eight is the number of new beginnings. … it is a constant reminder of what God completed and what God will begin again.”

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Gray’s wife, Aventer also reacted to the criticism, by saying, “MY HUBBY IS A HARD-WORKER, HE WORKED HIS WHOLE LIFE AND HE SAVED TO BLESS HIS WIFE!!!” She further wrote, ” (He)Gives away cars, full houses of furniture, coats off his back.” The couple also guaranteed that not an ounce of church money was spent on the car. All said that’s enough of judging folks!

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