Mercedes-Benz AMG, designs a one of its kind surfboard to ride the big waves

Out of all the places, you won’t expect a Mercedes AMG ripping past treacherous waves, but Mercedes Benz backed pro-surfer Garrett McNamara took to the waves of Portugal’s Nazare North Canyon on his latest ride from the German automaker; confused? McNamara teamed up with Mercedes to create a bespoke surfboard dubbed the ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’ tailor made specifically for the world famous surfer. Engineers and designers of Mercedes Benz’s AMG wing in Stuttgart developed the surfboard with a telemetry system, which has a transmitter inside garrett’s wetsuit that measures his surfing performance. The partnership between Mercedes and the 46-year old Hawaiian surfer has produced a limited edition of four special surfboards, but it looks all the four examples are exclusively for McNamara.





[Via – Designboom]