Mercury Rising – Locals break open 300 fire hydrants to beat the summer heat in France

With global warming and the environmental pollution hitting us hard, the temperatures have been soaring high across the globe. And since these effects have been predicted and anticipated for long, most of us have learnt to deal with the sun’s wrath well. However, the French seems to still be in denial of it all. The Parisian capital and its adjoining areas of Île-de-France saw a rising temperature of over 35 degrees this year, driving a chunk of its residents insane, quite literally!

Opting for unusually uncivilized means to beat the heat, residents from the Plaine Saint-Denis neighborhood in the Parisian suburbs broke open a string of fire hydrants, with some of them leaking empty right from Sunday night to Monday morning. It is reported that a young bunch is responsible for the mischief and they have often been caught attacking the emergency fire extinguishers with wrenches. As opined rightly by one such witness, the trouble makers think this is a fun way of cooling off but it is still a form of vandalism.

To curb the heat- stirred silliness, firefighters also got into a tiff with a group who had been asked to stop their activities. As for us, we did not dare think beyond a generous application of sun screen and our occasional mugs of beer to cool off the summer scorch. And we sincerely hope the French too take ques from us. After all, being wise is always better than going bonkers this summer.


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