Bejeweled Michael Jackson statue is dangerously priced at $380,000

With hits like “Just do it,” “Dangerous,” and “Black or White,” he stole our hearts. Yes, I’m referring to none other than the legendary Michael Jackson, who even though demised, memories of this prolific singer still remain fresh in our mind. So renowned was the artist that even now, things belonging to him sell in millions. Perfect examples of these being his costumes, even a simple glove, hand and foot impressions, and the house that he breathed his last in. If you happen to be a die-hard fan of this pop icon, then you’d notice that his birthday is soon coming up (August 29). And in commemoration of this occasion, what best that to own a collector’s statue of the pop star drenched in gold and diamonds? Nope, we aren’t referring to the gold-etched statue by Jeff Koons. This is a totally new one, with Michael striking his legendary posture, one hand covering his face with a mask.

Done up in white and yellow gold, the figurine with a black jade base has been induced with 200 grams of gold and inlaid with 505 diamonds and 45 pieces of sapphire, totaling the statue’s weight to 395 grams.

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Thanks to Russian boutique, Bon-Cadeau you have the chance to get hold of this collectible to provide you have $380,000 in hand.

[Via – Bon-Cadeau]

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