Middle East’s first in-bank gold vending machine opens up at Al Hilal Bank, Abu Dhabi

After the Emirates Palace it’s now time of the gold dispenser to make the Middle East glitter with more gusto. The Middle East’s first-ever bank-installed gold dispensing machine is now up and running at Al Hilal Bank’s Mall Branch in Abu Dhabi. The ‘Gold to Go’ machine will dispense gold bars and coins at any hour of the day, with prices that are corrected every 10 minutes to go with current ruling market rates. Considering that the inflation rates are spiraling, this is a good way for the bank to gain a wider customer base.

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Mohamed Jamil Berro, Chief Executive Officer, says, “Our ‘Gold to Go’ rollout is in line with our continuous efforts to lead the market by introducing first-of-its-kind services to the UAE. We want to be the best for our customers, so we seek out the best offerings. Buying high-quality gold 24/7 in our trusted banking environment is something new and exciting for our customers, and I am sure they will highly appreciate our efforts to give them access to this kind of personal service.”

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