Million dollar spa package for $7,500 at Vitality Show 2010

If you were thinking of giving this year’s Vitality Show a miss, think again. Cause this year, the show is all about pampering. The Vitality Show 2010 which runs from 18th-21st March at Earls Court 2 in London, is offering visitors the globe’s most flamboyant and of course expensive spa package, with each component’s worth adding up to nearly £12 million ($18million)! What is more, lucky visitors can get this package worth millions for a measly sum of £5,000 ($7,500)! Promising to make you feel like a celebrity, most of the treatments in this luxurious spa deal are a favorite with A-list stars including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Catherine Zeta Jones.

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The spa package is a five part pampering experience that includes the Hot Rock spinal massage ((£500/ $750), exfoliating cacao scrub and chocolate body wrap (£800/ $1,200), Iranian Caviar hair wash (£1,300/ $1,950), Esmeralda Special Panamanian coffee hair rinse (£700 /$1,050)). Every treatment comprises of the most exotic and exquisite components from gold to diamonds as well as caviar worth millions of dollars. To get all this for just £5,000 ($7,500) is definitely a dream come true!
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