Millionaire lawyer leaves $38,962 for his pet cats

In today’s man-eat-man world, it does seem wise to trust the loyalties of a pet than a family member. Hence it comes as no surprise to hear of stories where folks have left their fortunes to their pets. One such story is that of millionaire lawyer Andrew Nimmo-Smith who has left £25,000 ($38,962) for his beloved cats. The lawyer who passed away last year at the ripe age of 85 had around 30 cats and by leaving them a part of his £4.8 million ($7.4 million) fortune he has ensured their well being even after his death. Extending his charity even further, the man gifted his £1.5million home in Selkirk to the Borders town, and also left £140,000 ($218,186) for charity out of which £20,000 ($31,180) each were given to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
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A trust is now working to turn his 18th-century Haining House mansion into a visitor attraction for the area as he had wished. The man who was known to take in strays has touched the hearts of the entire village with his generous gesture. The rest of his fortune will be divided among family and friends.

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