Mobile Museum will showcase Chanel exhibition in Hong Kong

This isn’t some scene out of a science flick. This structure is for real. Looking like a spacecraft landed on the Hong Kong part of our globe, this is a futuristic mobile museum is designed by the Pritzker Architecture Prize Iraqi Zaha Hadid. Comprising of 700 pieces, this huge structures is completely portable as it can be assembled and dismantled in 20 days to carry throughout the world the collections displayed in his inside. And it is here that Chanel is going to showcase its “Mobile Art” that reflects the influence it has had on the creations of the classic handbag forefront cushioning to the legendary French designer conceived five decades ago, the famous model called ‘2.55’ in honor of the month and year she was born. To begin this traveling exhibit, Chanel could not have chosen a more appropriate place.

Of course, the other cities in this international tour include Tokyo, New York, London, and Moscow and will end in Paris in 2010. Those responsible for the signing gala, with Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, have chosen among the most elite artists to pay homage to the contemporary landscape of Coco Chanel handbag. A total of 20 artists from around the world traveled to the apartment of Chanel in Paris for inspiration in their handbags.