Moët Rosé Indulgence Coffret

Champaign reminds us of the best of times. Glossy blacks and tender pinks are reminiscent of luxury dining and the Moët Rosé Indulgence Coffret speaks of it right from the 18th century. The sleekness of the bottle that glistens like night waters can touch the very chord of your heart. The bottle lies in a tender pink casket that has a key with a brushy pink end. There is luxury carved on every corner of the set. The first sip you take from the glass as it tips over your lips can sensationalize the evening more than it ever did before the grand inauguration.

Invite four friends over and celebrate the occasion with Moët Rosé Indulgence Coffret. If there isn’t an occasion to celebrate then simply sip away to luxury and good times to come.

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