Moleskine launches Harry Potter inspired limited edition notebooks for the holidays

Our favorite – Moleskine is bringing Harry Potter’s magic to writers (both amateur and professional!) in a charming way. The Italian stationery company has created two limited-edition holiday edition notebooks inspired by the world of Harry Potter. The Marauder’s Map and the famous Patronus Charm, both of which we were introduced to in book 3 (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) are the inspirations behind the collectible notebooks.

The Map inspired book is a clothbound edition whose cover resembles the illicit map of Hogwarts and also features the iconic message that unlocks the map’s secrets: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. The notebook is accompanied by a sticker set that references favorite spells and objects from the series.

The second notebook features a burgundy backdrop against which a gold debossed young wizard casts the Patronus charm to ward off a bunch of eerie dementors. You can just make out the shape of a stag – which is of course Harry’s Patronus- against the darker background. On the inside cover of both books, you’ll find the letters L and J, the initials of Harry’s parents Lily and James.
Prisoner of Azkaban marks the turning point of the series where the plot starts to get much darker and more intriguing, so it was fitting for the designers to reference this particular book (though both the map and the Patronus charm appear throughout the series after first being introduced in book 3) through the limited edition notebooks. Additionally (and we’re not sure if this was intended or not) but both designs actually quite cleverly offer a nod to the secrets you might jot down in a fancy journal. The Marauder’s map is all about mischief mongering and secrecy while the Patronus is about good memories and protection!

Each notebook will be priced at $24.99 and can be purchased from Moleskine’s official e-store.

[Available at Moleskine via Comicbook]

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