Moleskine’s latest writing set digitizes your scribbles and makes sharing a breeze

Those ornately printed fountain pens and rolls of parchment may not miss the eye at a writer’s convention but what really makes for handy writing material is the kind that preserves ideas in digital form. Moleskine have consistently delivered some innovating writing materials such as sketchbooks and pads. Many-a-idea have been scribbled on these pages that open up unlimited possibilities in brainstorming meetings and strategy sessions. Called the Smart Writing Set, the company’s latest offering takes the written word to a new dimension. It comprises of a Paper Tablet, an aluminum Pen+ and a mobile app.

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As you may have guessed by now, this apparatus takes your doodles and notes and digitizes them so that you can share them and store them safely. The Pen+ comes with a built-in camera that captures each mark made on paper. The Paper Tablet has an invisible grid on it that helps the conversion to digital. The Notes App is made for the iOS platform and it receives the saved work directly from the tablet. The pad can save 1,000 pages in the analog mode.
All these wonders come with sharing abilities. The entire kit costs $199. If you would need new Paper Tablets, they would set you back $30 each. Doodle away.

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