Money-spill on Italian highway: Coins worth $2.5 million on the street!

Ideally I would have steered clear of news related to pennies, cents and dimes. But couldn’t miss out the jackpot news about a bullion van spilling coins worth 2 million Euros ($2.5 million) on the A114 highway, near Foggia in southern Italy. On its way to a bank, the van’s tyre burst and resulted in a coin-filled road stretch. Though earlier it was estimated that of the big booty, only about 10,000 Euro ($12,650) was picked up by passing motorists, the police claims a loss of about 50,000 Euros ($63,250). Have heard of goods, food-stuffs and oil-spills, but money spills is not common! It is one place I would like to be present myself and watch the money being swept up.

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