Mont Blanc honors Queen Elizabeth I with “Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I” fountain pens

Mont Blanc has celebrated many eminent personalities with limited edition fountain pens. The latest personality to receive this honor from the famed brand is Queen Elizabeth I. The reigning Queen of 16th century England will have her legacy celebrated with not one. Still, two fountain pens dubbed the “Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I.” Like other exquisite offerings, and this one is exclusively limited to 4810 fountain pens. A finer edition limited to 888 writing instruments. Mont Blanc’s Patron of Art edition’s newest pens are covered in lacquer modeled on the monarch’s royal garments. The cap features the Tudor Rose and the British Crown cross, while the clip is topped with a synthetic green garnet cabochon.

One of Queen Elizabeth I’s motto’s “Video et taceo” (I see and say nothing), is engraved on the cap ring. The 4810 limited edition pens boast of a body and cap of black precious resin with gold-plated inlay, while the finer edition of 888 is a 750 solid gold fountain pen with a red lacquered barrel and cap. What is more, the nib of this finer edition is made of 18k gold and features a bejeweled gold crown in which Elizabeth I ascended the throne in 1559.
A must-have for every collector, the “Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I” fountain pens from Mont Blanc are truly a class apart.