Montegrappa pays tribute to Ernest Hemingway with its new pen collection

Of all the legendary writers witnessed by the world, only few stand out as bright as Mr. Ernest Hemingway. The American story teller and writer has delivered beautiful literary pieces on varied themes encompassing war, love, loss and wilderness is a gripping light. The award winning idol who has many brilliant works up his sleeve has drawn much inspiration from his days as a World War 1 ambulance driver. In tribute to his revering spirit and contribution, Italian pen manufacturer Montegrappa has recently unveiled a novel collection under his name.

The Hemingway pens will be presented by the Italian marquee in four versions titled: The Soldier, The Writer, The Fisherman and The Traveler – each of which portray a different facet of the writer’s life. The models, each called “chapters”, will be manufactured in a batch of 100 and will be made available in fountain pen, rollerball pen, and ballpoint versions. The unique pens are carved out of celluloid and diamond -cut sterling silver, with ten reserved pieces in each version also coming in glittering 18-k gold.

Further, each pen boasts of a different color that holds maximum relevance to the writer’s life at the correlating stage. While the Soldier and the Writer editions boast of a Bamboo Black and a turtle brown exterior respectively, the fisherman and the Traveler wear Mediterranean Blue and Charcoal Black hues in that order. Each of these writing pieces also hold mystical engravings such as The Red Cross ambulance, Bassano del Grappa’s famous bridge, city landmarks and many more as a reference to the writer’s unique life path. In keeping pace with the theme, each pen will come wrapped in notebook pages that resonate on those used by reporters during the first world war. While the prices for the pens are yet undisclosed, Montegrappa’s alluring honor for Hemingway certainly deserves accolades, monetary and otherwise!

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