Montegrappa pays tribute to Muhammad Ali with exclusive “Icons Tribute to Muhammad Ali” pen

Writing instruments paying tribute to legends is definitely not new. Following in the footsteps of Mont Blanc who is known to create limited edition pens that celebrate great names in history is Montegrappa, who has unveiled an exquisite pen that pays tribute to the Boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The exclusive “Icons Tribute to Muhammad Ali” pen must-have for every fan of the boxing legend. The luxe pen’s nib is engraved with the silhouette of the victorious boxer with his arms raised. The pen’s frame, inspired by the colors of the boxer’s shorts, is a resin pearly white with two parallel black streaks running through its length. The clip, with the signature Montegrappa trackball, takes shape in the seams of gloves. The cap’s profile is inspired by a “punching ball,” while the top is designed like the diamond-studded ring that the boxer flaunted after winning the world title. The head of the pen is inscribed with the words, “The Greatest of All Time.”

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The limited-edition pen also celebrates the important numbers of the boxing legends life, namely, 1942, his birth year, the 61 meetings he took part in, the 56 wins, and 37 ko. Highlighting these important figures, Montegrappa will be offering 1942 rollerball pens with resin imitation silver, 61 and 56 rollerball pens with solid gold jewelry. A Knock Outline of 37 exclusive pens finished in gold with diamonds at the top of the cap will also be available. What is more, fans have a choice of choosing between a fountain pen and roller in the Knock Outline.