Montegrappa’s Limited Edition Privilege Gioiello Collection up for grabs now

The Privilege Gioiello luxury pen collection, which was unveiled at the Baselworld 2011, is finally up for grabs! Italy-based Montegrappa has crafted the collection drawing inspiration from a 1930’s model that formed a part of Montegrappa’s museum collection. This new writing instrument created using new engraving techniques is set in sterling silver featuring motifs made from special “hand-etched patterns.” The pens will also spot joint-free barrels and caps thanks to the “deep drawing” technique using precious metals like sterling silver and 18-carat gold.

The pens with Privilege Gioiello engraving on the cap can be picked up in four patterns that include the Arctic “with its icy cool reflections”; Bark, with a “grainy, sylvan surface”; Peacock, that spot “whorls as would decorate majestic tail-feathers”; and Wave, that “suggest the flow of water.” Available as a limited edition collectible, the Privilege Gioiello will be available as a fountain pen and a rollerball version. There will be 500 pieces in each for the four styles of style and two pen variants.