Morgan Stanley to launch its services for the wealthy folks in India

India is one of the fastest (second fastest in the world if you go by the stats) growing economies in the world today. And banking on the nation’s economic growth is Morgan Stanley who is all set to launch wealth management services for the super-rich in India. According to Business Standard, Morgan Stanley plans to launch a host of services for the wealthy folks in India with an investable surplus of at least $1 billion. Considering the rate at which the Indian economy is blossoming, the number of billionaires in this nation is estimated to rise up too. Morgan Stanley wants to fill the gap left by other wealth management firms in India who are unable to provide wide number of services and options.

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India will become the fifth country to have services by Morgan Stanley when the wealth management company launches its services on September 16. Unlike other companies, Morgan Stanley is realistic and estimate only a dozen members initially.