Most Expensive Quad Bike for opulent thrills

If you thrive on challenges, mud, jumps and speed then the quad biking experience was made for you. The real fun begins once you’ve got the hang of driving these nippy, 4-wheeled machines! You could be driving deep into the heart of the forest, up and down hills or across fields. But only that it should be the GG Quad! Powered by 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, and rendering 95 Horsepower at7250 RPM, it features 6 gears and 1 reverse gear too. However the most powerful feature is its price tag. Jump over to know……

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Dubbed as the most expensive quad bike, the basic model starts at £24,900 ($50,000) plus optional extras costing another £10,000 ($20,000).
Dimensions –
• Weight, 880 Lbs.
• Length, 87.5 inches.
• Width, 55 inches.