Mothers of the world – Did you know your rightful salary would be around $45,000 more than what the British Prime Minister earns annually!

Did you think you were underpaid at your job? Try being a mom! According to a survey of 1,000 mothers conducted by Interflora a UK based florist, mothers are worth something like £172,000 a year for the work that they carry out, that’s a mind boggling US$ 256,832 per annum which is literally $44,792 more than what British PM David Cameron earns!

Moms work around 119 hours a week, completing jobs that would in otherwise be done by a number of different people; their tasks range from being a chef, a nanny, a driver to a teacher and a psychologist for their kids. Professionals are paid anything from $30 to $50 an hour for these jobs.

8 out of 10 mothers said the hardest part of the job was meeting the emotional demands placed on them by their families – we know that in the US, psychologists can charge as much as $100 for a 50 minute session.

Mothers who took the survey also admitted to being regularly exhausted and sleep deprived while missing out on personal time. There was a lack of training for the most important job in their life.

Below is the hourly rate for mum’s average 119hr week in UK pounds
Housekeeper £11.53
Head chef £16.83
Teacher £17.79
Psychologist £47
Chauffeur £12
Entertainer £30
Personal shopper £12.02
Personal trainer £20
Lawyer £48.98
Nanny £10.58

The figures would be so much higher in US dollars!

Considering what you and your family probably owe your mom in cash, giving in to her once-a-week phone call demands doesn’t seem like much, does it?