Motorized four person lounger boat

If ever you feel like cruising the ocean, do take the Motorized four person Lounger boat with you, only of course, if you have an ocean body around you. The swanky boat has a 5 speed electric motor and a maximum speed of 3 knots which equals to almost 4mph. Best suited for a sun-bath at the beach, isn’t it? It can hold 4 persons, or any number of individuals, but the only condition is the sum total of the weights should not exceed 700lbs (310kgs). And most importantly, I must inform you that the lifeline of the boat is the battery and the lifetime per charge is 8hrs. There is a battery indicator which informs you that your boat needs energy, so you rush to the shore as soon as you hear the violent cries of your boat.

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Your very own “Cruise” lounger boat costs $4000.