Muddy slopes, slushy peaks replace snow at the French ski resort of Abondance all due to Global warming

The next time you think of polluting the Earth, go over this story. The once snow-filled slopes of the French Alps town Abondance have a new look to them. They are no longer driven white; instead, they are brown, green, and mushy. All this, because the snows have melted and there isn’t enough to warrant any skiing. The city council has decided to shut down the ski station, as it is no longer economically viable to continue. Abondance is the French Alps’ first ski station to fall apparent victim to global warming. The French Alps attract around 70 million tourists every year. The numbers will get affected because scientists say that these mountains are very sensitive to climatic changes. And since many of us only move our lips, but don’t do anything constructive to curb Global warming, you might as well spend what you were saving for your next ski trip, coz the snows won’t be there!

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