Murano Pedicure Spa with Gold glass basin

Everyone loves to be pampered. And there is no better way to pamper oneself than with a pedicure. And the Murano Pedicure Spa promises to offer you the most invigorating and luxurious pedicure ever. This European styled Pedicure Spa boasts of a beautifully crafted basin, technology driven instrumentation and advanced cleaning standards. The finely detailed LeatherTex Nurture upholstery promises to make this pedicure one luxurious experience. The footplate allows easier cleaning while the strategically placed grooves provide a pleasing, relaxing water movement massage. What is more the extremely quite motor ensures a noiseless calm environment.

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The height of the basin can be adjusted (it can be raised or lowered to up to 7”) by the touch of a button according to each individual’s height. Other features include auto-fill, auto-drain as well as auto clean cycles. What is more each leg support moves individually for better positioning of legs and feet. A luxurious spa, it will surely pamper one and all.
The Murano Pedicure Spa is available for $11,000 here. To pamper your clients further and to provide a completely luxurious environment you can add an additional $520 and opt for the custom color Gold or Hearth glass basin.

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