Museum to display the world’s largest collection of cars and espionage devices used by Bond

James Bond has found fans amongst people across the globe. Be it in the densely populated metros or the small towns and villages, the fictional spy has a fan following that is enough to rival some real-life heroes. The spy is now all set to help a small town boost its tourism. How? The small town of Momence, Illinois will soon be home to Museum of Bond Vehicles and Espionage making it must visit place for the Bond fans and car enthusiasts alike. The museum which is currently being set up with the blessings from the Ian Fleming foundation will boast of the largest collection of Bond vehicles anywhere in the world. The collection of wheels is owned by Fleming foundation’s vice-president, Doug Redenius. The museum will come up at a site that previously belonged to a car dealership. Visitors to this museum will be greeted with the front glass cleverly sporting an etched “007” logo made up of the names of actors and movies.

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Insides fans can feats their eyes on Bond vehicles like the Lotus Espirit submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me and the Aston Martin Volante in The Living Daylights. Scheduled to open in 2012, this museum is sure to be a shrine for 007 fans.

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