N2Wine: A revolutionary wine storage and dispensing system

The Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar in Colombia has equipped itself with unique wine storage and dispensing system known as the N2Wine that promises to start a revolution in the wine service industry. Bleu’s dispensing system has been built by Don Lineback at N2Wine and features 19 large globes, each around 14 inches in diameter, mounted on the wall in an attractive rack. Each globe can hold 33 standard bottles of wine, and every globe uses an electronic water-cooling system to keep each wine at its optimal temperature. They’re topped up with food-grade Nitrogen as they empty to make sure the wine inside isn’t exposed to air and its oxidizing effects. This new system promises that every drop of wine will be as fresh even after months or years as it was the moment the bottle was opened. Lineback has even fitted each globe with an expanding gas bladder to relieve any pressure. This amazing system holds 627 bottles of wine, thus clearing up a lot of cellar space. The new system will definitely take the fun and magic out of wine tasting as connoisseurs will not enjoy and experience the inconsistencies in different wines.

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According to Bleu and its customers this new system is a winner. I guess, we need to wait and watch to see if the oxygen theory of N2wine is really beneficial to the service industry or not.

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