Naki Jewelry Gold Pen creates exquisite pen studded with 6223 diamonds

Pens are the latest symbols of luxury. Flaunting a uber luxurious pen immediately grants you access into that elite circle. And if you t6hink you own some of the most exquisite pens ever made, think again. One look at Naki Jewelry Gold Pen Co. Ltd’s latest creation and you know how wrong you are. This latest pen from Asia’s jewelry pens manufacturer is truly a class apart is on display at Shanghai’s World Expo. A true jewel, this pen made of S925 sterling silver and is 18k platinum with 18k gold plate. The nib is 18k gold as well. Furthermore the entire pen is inlaid with 6223 diamonds (which are cut with Heart Arrow fire technology), 72 high grade blue gems, 32 carefully selected black diamonds and 2 high grade red gems.

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Entirely hand crafted, this pen takes craftsmen 88 days to make. What is more, this exquisite diamond gold pen that was said to be the best collection gift at Shanghai’s Expo is one of only three in the world.
After the Shanghai World expo, this pen will become part of the collection at the China National Museum.

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