Natura Bissé Diamond Cure Spa treatment pampered the stars at this year’s Academy Awards

Wondering what made the stars sparkle at the recent Academy Awards? Well, here’s the secret. Spanish beauty company Natura Bissé offered all Hollywood beauties a unique Diamond body treatment. Known as the Diamond Cure Spa, it was a special treatment consisting over 30 natural ingredients and rejuvenating techniques which included diamonds and an insulated air space. Yes, it’s true; the stars were actually pampered with real diamonds! The Spanish company treated all stars to the O2 Burbuja (O2 bubble), which was located in a suite at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills Penthouse. This inflatable bubble offered the stars a unique experience where they could breathe fresh air, 99,995%, similar to an operating room. Once inside, the stars received four massage techniques for one hour, with the massage ingredients containing diamonds weighing 1.5 carats. The purified environment enhanced the effects of the cosmetic Diamond Collection, and helped to increase energy, balance and repair the skin. It is no wonder then that the stars managed to glow on the red carpet.

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A great experience, we bet the celebrities couldn’t have asked for anything better.