New economy class Doomsday bunkers cause the common man also has to survive

I used to find these “end is near” posters over the top and ridiculous. However, not many seem to share my point of view, especially after what Japan went through recently. However companies that sell doomsday bunkers would want you scared and vulnerable, it is after all good for business. But as a new strategy to save the not-so-rich types, the Vivos is all set to sell economy class spaces, alongside its luxury doomsday bunkers. Del Mar, California-based Vivos first came up with five high-end bunkers starting at $25,000 and sports medical and dental centers, bakeries, pool tables, pet kennels and fully stocked wine cellars. Originally designed as luxury bunkers, the Vivos 1000 will now be the new economy class bunkers. Priced at $9,950, the Vivos 1000 bunkers will be a stripped down version that hold just what is needed to survive.

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The Vivos 1000 which sprawls to a 100,000 feet can accommodate 1,000 people and is designed to withstand a 20-megaton nuclear blast within six miles, according to Vivos. Customers for this scaled down version will have to shell out $2,500 as deposit to book a room. The new décor will see four beds into each room and curtains instead of walls. More the merrier I guess!

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