New Gaia book packs art like images of earth by Cirque Du Soleil founder

Most children likely dream of being an astronaut or space explorer. If you were one of those kids who wanted to grow up and travel to space but cannot afford the $20 million or $200,000 that you need to make it, don’t grieve yet. For $7,000 you can buy the next best thing. Cirque Du Soleil’s founder Guy Laliberte who has the credit of being the world’s first private space explorer, has just released a book with photographs of earth from space. These images were taken during his trip from the International Space Station. Laliberte has released the brilliantly colorful, artistic, and textural images of earth in 178 pages bound in embossed hardcover. If you like art, you will be thrilled to see deserts’ images resemble abstract paintings and appearances of faces and figures in nature. Titled “New Gaia,” the limited edition book is hand-bound and has 25 gatefolds and 90 illustrations.

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In addition to fulfilling your childhood fantasy, the purchase of this book will also earn you good Karma. All proceeds from this book will benefit Laliberte’s One Drop Foundation that raises money to eliminate poverty and provide access to clean water.

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