NEW Margarita Party Kit

When summer’s all set to strike the bolt of scorching, we need to be equipped with all our ammunition which ranges from umbrellas, drinks to pools and even cotton clothes for that matter. has brought this new Ultimate Margarita Party Kit. In the kit, you get a massive galvanized ice bucket, margarita mix, salt, four glasses and best of all, the giant 9 liter Margarita Party Pump Ball! So, we see only Tequila is missing. Though not very simple at operation like it’s another sibling, Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker, it’s a bundle of fun. If your lazy bones are too rigid to move, you have to simply mix in spirits, water and sugar with the margarita mix and you’re done!

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Now Parties, Tailgates, Picnics definitely have something good to look forward to. It can be your for a little less than $100.