New York City tops Forbes list of most expensive cities in US to go to college

Many students have a dream of going to a certain college or university for higher education. However, reality plays a spoilt sport, and many are made to compromise on their dreams and settle for colleges other than those of their choice. This is mainly due to the exorbitant fees that some of the universities charge. To help prepare you in advance and warn you about some of the most expensive colleges out there, we present you with a list of the most expensive places/cities in the USA to go to college. Compiled by Forbes, this list is created solely based on the “sticker prices,” meaning the actual cost of tuition plus room and board.

Coming as no surprise, the Big Apple, a.k.a. New York City, leads the list for having some of the most expensive colleges in the country. Topping CampusGrotto’s list of most expensive colleges for 2009-2010 is Sarah Lawrence College, located in Bronxville, N.Y. A year at this college will set you back by around $54,410. The renowned New York University is second on the list of CampusGrotto. Its high annual costs are mainly credited to the high price of housing in New York. Thus, the total annual cost to attend NYU includes $13,507 in the room and board expenses.
The second most expensive place in the US to attend college is the country’s capital, Washington D.C. Universities in the capital like the George Washington University topped the world’s most expensive colleges list in 2008. The current annual cost of attending this college, including board and dining, is estimated at $51,730. Another university in the nation’s capital, Georgetown University, lands in the No. 7 slots on CampusGrotto’s list with an annual cost of $51,122.
Lewiston, Maine takes the number three position by being home to the Bates College, whose annual cost is $51,300.
Saratoga Springs, located just a few hours from new York City, comes in at number four courtesy of its Skidmore College, whose annual costs are said to be $51,196.
Baltimore, Md. rounds up the top five most expensive places to go to college at. The Baltimore campus of the renowned John Hopkins University is said to cost students $51,190 annually.
The small port city of New London, Conn. is number six courtesy of the Connecticut College, whose annual cost is $51,115.
Readers must remember the list has been made without considering the financial aids and other scholarships provided by these various universities. It must also be noted that besides being known for their high fees, these colleges are renowned for ranking high in academic excellence as well. So if you are shelling out these exorbitant sums, you know you are getting an education worth every penny and more.

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