Nirvana is Singapore’s first privatized luxurious columbarium

Singapore sees a fast-paced growth in its infrastructure. Now besides being home to the world’s second most expensive casino, Singapore will also have a one-of-its-kind memorial park. The first such privatized memorial park in Singapore will boast of a 6-star rating and is touted to be the most luxurious and modern columbarium in Singapore. (A columbarium is a place where the urns holding the remains of the dead are stored) Christened Nirvana, this park is the most luxurious final resting place and the brainchild of Malaysian-based NV Multi Corp, which has other similar projects in Southeast Asia. This memorial park will feature facilities such as a praying room, a rest area, and elegantly done hallways and interior spaces. The Urn compartments are crafted from the finest materials, and there is also a serene-looking Buddha statue that calms the grieving souls of family members. The entire structure boasts of a tranquil atmosphere that calms and soothes the visitors.

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The door of a premium niche that lights up at the tap of an access keycard in Nirvana Memorial Garden columbarium.

An iPod Touch is used to control the lighting, sound and smoke machines used in the funeral ceremony at the Nirvana Memorial Garden columbarium.

A truly unique place, this is columbarium is indeed the most luxurious resting place.

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