Nobo Firepit series of electric radiators offer warmth with style

If sleek indoor fireplaces fail to add that touch of art and beauty to your décor, then the new designer electric radiators from CL-Design are what you need. The Nobo Firepit series of electric radiators from CL-Design promises to blend beautifully in your home and are sure to be the centerpieces of your living space. The designer radiator features a modern look reminiscent of an outdoor fire pit and is sure to heat your coffee table conversations in more ways than one. A projector lies hidden inside the radiator and displays a video of a flickering flame. The artificial flame promises to give you the experience of a real fireplace minus the smoke and sounds of a crackling fire. Extremely safe, this radiator is definitely a class apart.

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The beautiful rand of Nobo Firepit radiators has something for everyone and is sure to warm your homes in the most unique way. To view the whole range and for more information just click here.

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