Norton MacCullough & Locke meets your need for custom made luggage

Although there are various exquisite luggage options available today, some folks prefer to flaunt their own distinct style when it comes to travel accessories. Catering to such folks’ needs is Norton MacCullough & Locke, a new London firm committed to producing the finest custom-made trunks, jewelry boxes, and home ware in the essence of 1920s bespoke British luxury. The firm trims their luxurious, handcrafted pieces with details such as gold plated locks and hardware, Alcantara linings, precisely fitted removable trays, and engraved mirrors on the inside lids of dressing cases. The firm’s specialists and artisans are continuously engaged in ensuring that each piece exudes class and luxury to complement its elite clientele.

The client is involved in every aspect of the items production. Each order is developed through a series of personal consultations with the client; from concept and design through to personalization and material selection. Besides trunks, the firm offers its customers a variety of custom made items like jewelry boxes, hat boxes, suitcases, humidors, watch cases, travel desks, attaché cases, games sets and drinks cases.
Norton MacCullough & Locke has also collaborated with several fashion designers through the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. At the request of Berkley, Norton MacCullough & Locke have created a unique dressing trunk to showcase key seasonal pieces from various British designers, including John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood.
So the next time you crave a custom trunk, you know where to go.

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