Not a runway show or a private event – Balenciaga will unveil its Fall 2021 collection in a video game

It’s all about reinventing yourself! Believing in this ethos is Balenciaga with its novel idea to present the Fall 2021 collection. The marquee will launch the elusive edit via a full-fledged video game. No, we’re kidding you not!

Called Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, the virtual game will feature “A hero avatar advancing throughout distinct zones, motivated by tasks and interaction.” The game and collection will provide an allegorical adventure set in 2031 and play heavily on the theme of high-tech futurism.

It (the video game) is made using the latest technology available for game hosting and can easily be shared and accessed by connoisseurs. The theme of the collection, i.e., human destiny, can also be gauged visibly via the interactive and gamified experience.

Commenting on it, Balenciaga, in a statement, said: “The narrative of Afterworld is anchored to mythological pasts and projected futures with timeless archetypes and speculative imagery. The world may appear to be decaying at first, but it is far from a dystopian view, showing the slow return to a healthier balance of nature and industry instead.”

Balenciaga’s novel video game also marks a record for the largest volumetric video project ever undertaken. It will be available for downloads onward December 6. Well, we look forward to this virtual and wondrous fashion reveal!

[Via: nss magazine]

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