Not doctors or Engineers – Close to 90% of young Americans want to become influencers

Doctor, teacher, astronaut, gymnast etc are answers children gave when asked, “What would you like to be when you grow up”? These answers much like the 90’s decade are passe. The maximum number of millennials want to be ‘social media influencers’. That’s hardly a surprising answer though the percentage is; no less than 86% of people ages 13 to 38 are willing to try out influencing as a full-time career. It is believed to be one with fame, flexible hours, lots of moolah and life that revolves around travelling the world. Don’t shun this idea as a fad just yet as the numbers are talking pretty loudly and clearly with a majority wanting to post content for money, 55% and 60% desired flexible hours, 53% like the idea of sharing their ideas with the world. These are the numbers according to the report by research firm Morning Consult, which surveyed 2,000 Americans ages 13 to 38 about influencer culture.

Money is clearly the biggest trigger of them all as it is in most fields, but are the earnings as standard as most fields? Apparently not. On Instagram, a micro-influencer with 15,000 followers (less than 50,000 followers) could make $457 on average for a sponsored post, Bryan Gold, CEO of #Paid, a website that connects influencers and brands, tells CNBC Make It. With 50,000 followers on Instagram, an influencer could make $1,026 on average for a post, and with 250,000 followers, they could make $3,766. The dollar amounts continue to increase as follower count rises, Gold says. He effort that goes into becoming big is basically called fun and is a creative process which makes it very appealing. Are you influenced enough to make a career change?

[Via:Esquireme Image: @gypsea_lust]

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