Not in Switzerland or Japan or Monaco – The most expensive toll road in the world is in the USA

If you’re needed to commute far within or outside the city, the chances are that you end up paying a great deal on toll. And while one would guess New York or an elite European city to boast of the most expensive toll route, it is, in fact, Pennsylvania that takes the winning glory!

According to the internet, the Pennsylvania Turnpike could be the number one most expensive road to drive on, with a maximum toll of $112.90 for a standard passenger vehicle if one drives it from end to end. It is believed that the length of the highway makes is what makes it pricey as it stretches nearly the entire width from Philadelphia to the Ohio border – a total of 360 miles.

A study also pointed out that three of the top 10 most expensive toll roads are found in the United States, including New York’s Thruway and the Florida Turnpike on the eighth and ninth spot, respectively. However, Pennsylvania Turnpike claiming the top spot on the list may not be completely true.

If the road costs $112.90 for 360 miles, it comes down to about 31 cents a mile against the 3 cents per mile claimed. By this measure, the highway may not be the most expensive toll road globally after all! What do you reckon?

[Via: Road & Track]

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