Not San Francisco or Manhattan – America’s most expensive pin code is this island in Florida

No not Beverly hills, America’s wealthiest zip code happens to be 33109 -Fisher Island, that is located just south of Miami, Florida. The exclusive land has been home to the country’s rich including Oprah Winfrey at some point and hence there’s no doubt on how it topped the list of America’s most expensive zip codes!

The high-end property got its current name after being purchased by Miami Beach founder Carl Fisher in 1919. It is said that he bought it from Miami’s first black millionaire, Dana A. Dorsey, and infamously named it after himself. Each of the many luxurious mansions and apartment buildings on this land can only be reached via a ferry or private boat – giving us a cue into just how ludicrously expensive the living cost here is! Bloomberg analyzed zip codes with at least 500 households and more than 200 tax returns filed on them as of 2015, and with more than half of all tax returns showing an income of at least $200,00, Fisher Island won top spot!

The island also houses a hotel called the Fisher Island Club, a private marina and a golf course at the center of the island. While other expensive zip codes in the list included names such as Atherton, California (94027) and Palm Beach, Florida (33480), they failed to match Fisher Island grandeur. The most expensive home on the property currently retails at a staggering $26 million!


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