Not surprising but Manhattan is the most expensive place to get married in the USA

Gone are the days when weddings were a humble affair with the bride, groom and pure love being the prime focus. In the modern age of today, wedding ceremonies are anything but basic, with life size celebrations and the subsequently humongous costs being the only buzz. This fact is further concreated by the 10th annual version of ‘The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study’ that recently unveiled a statistical break-up of an average wedding in the United States.

Per the survey (that interviewed nearly 13,000 real brides and grooms across America), the average cost of a wedding has shot up to a whopping $35,329! And sadly, that’s not even inclusive of a honeymoon! This also means a leap of $2,688 from the national average of $32,641 last year. Furthermore, Bridezillas will need to be doubly careful of the venue they pick as the choice of location can add extra expenses to their kitty. For instance, if one wishes to get married in Manhattan, the ceremony alone can cost them a grand $78,464!

Those willing to wed it off in the suburbs will also need to pay a bomb considering the average wedding costs in Long Island are $67,831 while those in Arkansas rough up to $19,522. Since the trend indicates total personalization and unforgettable guest experiences as the main cost drivers for the new-age wedding, we suggest that couples ditch the hype and go for a simple church ceremony instead. After all, love comes with no price…or does it?


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