Oceans of Liquid Diamond found on Neptune and Uranus

Humans are always looking for treasure troves everywhere. The latest we hear is on Neptune and Uranus, where diamond oceans are afloat, courtesy Discovery News. Scientists zapped diamonds with a laser at pressures 40 times greater than the earth’s atmosphere at sea level and gradually reduced pressure and temperature. Through the experiment they found out that diamond behaves like water at freezing and melting points and that chunks of diamonds will be buoyant on the ocean. The magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune appear tilted far off their North-South axis owing to the diamond oceans that have the capacity to deflect or tilt the magnetic fields.

Both, Neptune and Uranus consist of 10 percent of Carbon which is the elemental bone of Diamond. We don’t know yet if the planetary conditions of the earth can be simulated or NASA launching a mission there is feasible. I simply hope that it’s not a Midas Touch situation for mankind, owing to their greed for riches.

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