Of beauty and Botox: Dental works emerging as a powerful anti-aging procedure

Many associate aging with wrinkles, lines, dull and lifeless skin and then endlessly digging into issues that aren’t remotely going to help you in looking younger. We ignore the essential feature of our face that allows us to look youthful – our teeth.

The absence of teeth can add 10-15 years to your face while the presence of a good set of teeth gives you a youthful look and a smile to-die-for. Believe it or not, but dental work is emerging as the New Anti-Aging Procedure.

Many are now opting to get their teeth fixed rather than getting a Botox. There are many ways to achieve a change in looks for the better with something as simple as dental implants. They are more permanent than dentures, and no one has to go around with their front tooth decaying or broken any more thanks to this advanced procedure.

A dental implant can do wonders for self-esteem because it feels and looks like a regular tooth. Many people who were shy about smiling because of a space from a lost tooth feel more comfortable after getting dental implants. Beyond the aesthetics, dental implants make it easier to eat and speak.

Aesthetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa believes that it works too and goes ahead to explain his creation, the non-invasive procedure called ‘Smile Lift.’ It is an anti-aging procedure he created as an alternative to plastic surgery and dermatology. When the idea is to create harmony within the face and naturally re-establish youthfulness, plastic surely isn’t the way to go right?

The teeth serve as the foundation for the rest of the face. With age most of the face loses elastin and collagen over time, creating wrinkles, sagging and a more hollowed-out look due to loss of cheek fat.

This is where a good set of teeth like G4 implants can help you retain your youthful looks. Getting the teeth fixed restores harmony to the face. Changing the position of the teeth to a more favorable position will provide the needed support to the lower third of the face. It’s time we adapted to more straightforward, natural, and non-invasive techniques and say no to plastics in every area.