OFT, transformable house to add and subtract space

If you need a makeshift home, or add an extra room for office or may be even downsize your den (which is a rare aspect), then OFT, a transformable house from Sand & Birch Design is the answer. Designed by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro, it is actually a modular system for building houses but could work just as easily as a standalone garden office at home. The name OFT comes from the word Loft, in which it has been taken out the “L”, that has to be meant like the dimension “Large”. The OFT is in fact of limited dimensions in its basic composition, but, as well as the loft, it is characterized by spaces adaptable to changeable necessities.

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It’s as simple as it can be. Just like you move or re arrange your furniture in the house, you can apply the same logic to your house to. The cost of the whole set will vary according to the requirements but the company price is 3000 Euros/square meter ($ 4670 /square meter) .

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