Omega Boutique in Madrid is robbed by crashing car

The watchmaking industry has become a part of the recent well-displayed tendency for opening brand boutiques. It is obvious that the matter of opening brand boutiques is all about promoting the awareness about the particular brand, its traditions and prestige. This is an effective way to reach attention of greater part of general public, not only passionate watch aficionados. However Omega’s boutique, recently opened in Jan ’07 in Madrid, seems to have fascinated the attention of the least expected guests! A Ford Mondeo carrying few robbers crashed into the walls of this showroom. And lemme tell you this was no freaky accident! It was an intentional crash. Once in, the robbers smashes open the display cabinets and managed to flee away with timepieces worth over 150,000 Euros (about $2 million).

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I must say that these days thieves are becoming so multifaceted that their creativity spreads fear.