Only in Dubai – Dental clinic offers Rolls Royce pick up and drop

Here is a doctor who will not give you a run for your money, but instead a drive for your money. A chauffeur-driven, Rolls-Royce drive. And the service is absolutely free! Well, you would think so considering, the arm and leg you paid for the appointment, and since this is the Middle East, perhaps the kidney was tossed in too. Dr Costa, the co-founder of the SameDay Dental Implants Clinic in Dubai has this to say – “… we want to ensure that no matter what we can bring them safely, relaxed and in comfort”. Safely? The only place you are not that safe in Dubai is on the roads. Wonder where Dr Costa got his marketing ideas from. He should probably stick to digging mouths. The clinic apparently gets patients from all over the Middle East flying in JUST for their appointments at SameDay. This added feature is meant to be a reliever for all the trouble that his patients take. Catching a flight from Saudi Arabia can be so tiring, just saying it cost me 500 calories.

This is shortly after a surgeon in the emirate offered the most expensive gastric band surgery, where he got his patients picked up from their homes in a chauffeur-driven Rolls and post-surgery was fed wagyu beef. Forget Vegas, anything happens in Dubai. So much dazzle and drama. Dubai’s love for the fast and the furious is no recent development; its glamorous police fleet, to start with, and the more recent unveiling of the world’s fastest ambulance. Only in Dubai.

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[Via – Gulfnews]

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