Oona, the first Swiss-made caviar is dubbed as black gold

Caviar is said to be the most exciting and expensive meal to enjoy in the world. Even when it comes to caviar, you can opt for lavishness beyond comprehension. And now it’s time to look at higher levels of luxury that the exotic food can take to. And that is exactly what first Swiss caviar “Oona” (Celtic for “extraordinary”) is all set to be. Created by Peter Hufschmied, the engineer used “mountain stream that tumbles out of the North end of the Loetschberg railway tunnel with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius to breed fish that thrive in warm water”.

Six years in the making, about 35,000 Siberian sturgeon were let loose in the water that produced 300 kg of caviar for the Winter 2011/2012 season.
Priced at 1,275 Swiss francs ($1,400) for 250 grams, this is quite a rare feast to have for the festive season. “It’s a bit like washing gold, only its black,” said Felix, Switzerland’s only Caviar-Meister, who says he never tires of sampling the delicacy. “It’s great. I get paid to eat caviar every day.”
The caviar Oona is sold in four grades. The best of the lot No. 101 features handpicked eggs that sport a minimum diameter of 2.6 mm. this grade is just five percent of the total caviar produced. A 30 gram tin is priced at 215 Swiss francs ($225).

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